The Creative Side

When you read my stories, I want you to think unique thoughts and I want you to feel powerful emotions. . . but mostly, I want you to experience a vivid, unbroken dream.

The Business Side

Warm regards,

About Rob:
My wife and I enjoy bicycling, motorcycling, dancing, reading, jigsaw puzzles and a glass of wine or two most evenings. Along with the important people in my life, I love Schnauzers in particular and all dogs in general . . . even the big slobbery ones and the little yappy ones.

My need to produce something for others to use and enjoy has always been strong. I’ve designed manufacturing tools, built furniture and websites, and now I’m writing books. Some of my stories will be inspired by my Irish family heritage, some by my fascination with science and a vivid imagination . . . and some of my yet to be conceived stories will probably scare us both.

I’ve lived in Ohio, Michigan, Georgia and for the time being, California. From the progression, you’ve probably already guessed that I don’t like being cold. I do love a good book, especially with a couple of good dogs in my lap.